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Value Resource Recruiters is an organically grown, progressive and innovative recruiting firm, founded by local Lahore recruiters. Our team has worked across several industries and knows where bright, innovative talent comes from and we understand what it takes to match qualified candidates to their careers, even in today’s highly competitive market.

Together, through our mutual experiences, we developed an effective and reliable system of matching the right candidates to the right jobs.

At V. R. Recruiters we apply best practices and work closely with our growing network of candidates, clients, and recruiters. Our commitment is to ensure that we match the most qualified talent to our clients and build lasting relationships along the way.

Today, Value Resource Recruiters boasts of maximum number of local (Lahore based) candidates in their database, with an equally high number of connections and followers on Facebook and LinkedIn.


In a tight job market, effective recruitment is paramount. Finding the time and the resources to bring in the best candidates, though, is incredibly challenging. That’s why V. R. recruiters is formed to bridge the gap.

We use a system of reviews to make sure that we are only providing the best personnel to the client. Our clients are very happy with the candidates provided and say that they fit in perfectly at their company.

Hiring managers save time as the first rounds of resume and technical screening are handled by V. R. Recruiters.

We collaborate with customers and strategic partners to deliver real-time people solutions and operational efficiency. Our experience shows us that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.

V. R. Recruiter’s mission is to connect great companies with great candidates.